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Professional locksmith tips for all those who take their security seriously. Follow these tips to overcome problems.

The great importance of transponder keys

It sounds odd but according to the latest statistics by Locksmith Seattle most car thefts take place due to lost ignition keys. Avoid leaving your car keys just anywhere, especially when you are in public places and always carry a spare ignition car key on you in order to ensure your safety and avoid the trouble of being locked out of your own car.

Protect your company properly

Systematic commercial lock change is even more important than residential because keys are used by multiple people and there is high circulation of visitors and current or ex-employees. You must be regularly updated about the new security door locks and have them replaced often. In the meantime, it would be excellent if you could check and repair them. Remember the importance of changing the file cabinet locks as well.

The best lock

According to experts at Locksmith Seattle, you need to choose deadbolts that are properly installed as your locks. They will ensure everything is safe. This kind of lock is also affordable, but will assure you it will go a long way with proper use and maintenance.

Lock replacement is crucial

Having new locks installed is critical to one's security. Lock repair needs are eliminated, the keys are brand new and, thus, durable and the entrances are better protected. Whether you decide on electronic or conventional locks, the fact that you proceed with new deadbolt installation reinforces security.

What to do with frozen car locks?

The problem during winter is cold weather could freeze your car locks, giving you a hard time entering when you are just about to leave. A quick fix is to have a de-Icer handy. Spraying it onto the locks shall do the trick. Our locksmith in Seattle suggests a more simple solution: heat up the edge of your keys with a lighter before keying in.

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