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Key duplication is just one of our basic services

If you want to know more about our services, please see the list of FAQs below. We provide answers to your main lock related questions. Learn more about lockouts, how to deal with such incidents and when its the best time to replace the vehicle keys.

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What does a lockout mean?

When we talk about keys and locks, a lockout is a common term. A lockout usually happens in houses, apartments, business establishments, and car doors. It happens when you forget to bring the keys with you or left them inside. Locksmith services are especially skilled in handling these types of situations. You do not need to crack open or break the windows or doors of your house, shop, apartment or automobile.

When do I replace the old keys of my car?

If you have purchased an old car, it is advisable to have a new key made as there is always a risk of snapping the ignition keys. This holds true also if the keys are NOT in good physical condition (if they have cracks or alterations). A spare key could help but otherwise, Locksmith Seattle can help you with replacement of your keys and repair of your locks.

What should I do to keep my office secure?

If you are in charge of an office, you should regularly check the security system of it. Make sure that the door locks, safe locks or access panels are all in a good condition. You can contact our experts to check those for you and suggest you with any necessary action.

Do all locks with the same ANSI grade offer the same level of security?

The short answer is: No. This is because the different types of locks compete in their own categories, so to speak. For example, a spring bolt lock with an ANSI grade 1 doesn’t have the same features as a deadbolt which has been given the same grade. That is why when comparing different locksets, you should look at everything they have to offer.

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