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Knowing What to Look For

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A major part of choosing the right door lock for your home is research. Selecting the wrong locking mechanism for your doors can increase the risk of break-ins. It must be strong and durable enough to withstand a kick-in attempt. By doing the research, you will know what to look for in a locking system for your home or office.

In order to properly evaluate the level of your door lock security, you can utilize the resources of a professional locksmith or your local police department. They have experienced firsthand exactly what will work and what will not, so by all means take full advantage of their experience and knowhow.

Research Your Choices

Many door locks at locksmiths and hardware centers a classed by grade that represents their proficiency. These evaluations can range from Grade 1- Grade 3. Grade 3 means that the lock is made of the best quality material in addition to quality functionality.

Inspect What You’re Buying

There are locksets on the market the come with strike plates which includes three inch screws that provide addition protection against force. If it doesn’t come with them, there are other options available at any hardware store that may be of assistance. There are also doorjambs reinforcement kits available also. They can be retrofitted into the current doorjamb in order to reinforce the key strike points such as strike, hinges, and the door’s edge.

Spring Latching Locks

These kinds of locking mechanisms offer little security, yet they are very inexpensive and installs easily. They lock the doorknob while stopping the spring loaded latch, fixed in the doorframe, from releasing. There are some downsides to this kind of lock. Other devices other than the key can be used to release the pressure that holds the spring in position.

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