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How to Select a Door Closer

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

You want to have doors which are functional, secure and convenient to use. In many cases, this is achieved with the installation of commercial door closers. These devices can be used on both exterior and interior doors. They can be used alone or combined with locks. There is a wide choice of options so you have to ensure that you will make the right decision. This short guide is designed to help you with this.

The Main Requirements

There are some requirements which are beyond your personal needs and preferences just like with door lock selection. You must not miss taking them into account.

Check the specific legal requirements first - All public buildings and the different rooms in them have to be accessible to people with disabilities. In order for this to happen, door closers must meet specific standards based on the laws which guarantee free access of people with disabilities. These standards govern the maximum opening force of doors which depends on the closers which are used, if any. You must ensure that the addition of such device will keep the opening force below the legal limit.

Focus on models which meet the industry standards - Just like door locksets, closers have to comply with a set of specific standards. You have to ensure that the device which you pick meets the minimum standard requirements at least, especially when it comes to the number of opening and closing cycles which it can perform annually. In general, the higher its standard rating is the better.

Specific Needs

You have to ensure that the closer which you choose will match the specifications of the door and will be installed appropriately. Keep in mind that the installation of this device requires great precision just like lock installation.

Look into the door specs - You need to select the size (force) of the device based on the amount of wind force and air pressure which the door is subject to. You have to check whether the unit will be mounted to the pull or push side of the door as this will determine the arm configuration. The width of the door and its make are also important when it comes to closer selection.

Check the available space for the device - You have to measure the room between the door and the wall which the closer will be next to and compare it to the dimensions of the device. The unit must fit perfectly. Otherwise, the door will not operate properly. This may cause problems with other door hardware including the lock and pose the need for lock repair.

You are now ready to make the best choice.

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